Platinum Shipping & Logistics For Robotics Innovations!

Platinum Cargo Logistics provides trusted shipping solutions to the robotics industry. We understand that automation requires precision at every point, and we’ll make sure your deliveries arrive on time and receive the best care. They’ll be monitored from pickup to delivery, with current tracking information always available via our website or provided via email for each milestone along the way.

From large robotic arms to precision-tuned medical robotics, we have the skills to ensure your business stays on schedule with deliveries of cutting-edge technology.

Our Services Include:

  • International & Domestic Service
  • Oversized Robotic Parts
  • Specialized Equipment Services
  • Vendor Performance Management
  • Production Support
  • Global Brokerage & Trade Compliance Support
  • Global Export Packing Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Hot Part Management
  • Unsurpassed Tracking with Sensors for Light Exposure, Temperature Control, Shock, Motion, and Pressure Monitoring

Ready For The Platinum Experience?!

Learn more about our freight-forwarding solutions and let us deliver for you—on time, every time.

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