Platinum Cargo Logistics began with the vision of Diana Bomar, now Chief Executive Officer & majority owner. Alongside three founding partners, all experienced logistics business owners, & Elliot Trepper, a veteran entrepreneur willing to offer his expertise & leadership to the team, Diana & the other founders launched Platinum Cargo Logistics. They created a company dedicated to realizing their goal of transforming the business of logistics & transportation by “Building Bridges to Change in the Industry & Providing a Platinum Experience of Service.”

Platinum Cargo Logistics opened its doors in 2007 with four initial offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, & South Bend & headquarters in southern California. The founders began the business focused on both success & longevity. They transitioned a significant customer base & built the customer service teams essential to ensuring flawless day-to-day operations. They made every decision with their eyes fixed toward the future as they sought to strengthen & build the company.

As part of their initial marketing & branding, they commissioned Diana’s son, Gary Lee Bomar—an accomplished artist—to design the logo & timeless art-deco-inspired drawings that are globally recognizable today. Gary Lee tragically passed away in 2015, but his elegant imagery remains the hallmark of the brand. The name, logo, & artwork are registered & trademarked, & they have come to represent the expertise, attention to detail, & personalized service Platinum Cargo Logistics customers receive every time they ship.

In 2015, Platinum Cargo Logistics moved its corporate headquarters to Denver, CO, & Diana Bomar was appointed by the Board of Directors as President. Elliot Trepper, until then a minority owner & unofficial mentor, joined the Board of Directors & began a more active role in the company’s financial leadership.

Two years later, in 2017, Diana & Elliot made additional investments, honing their focus to financial management & guidance of expert leadership teams. Elliot assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer & Chairman of the Board of Directors, where he continues to bring a wealth of entrepreneurial experience, management & guidance to Diana & the executive team. Then, in 2020, Diana was appointed CEO by the Board of Directors.

Platinum Cargo Logistics’ expansive growth, stability, & success continue today with offices throughout the USA & partnerships globally. We are proud to say that 95% of the customers who joined us in 2007 remain with us now, part of a continually increasing, robust, & diverse client base.

We strive to always be on the forefront of leading-edge technologies, using precise data to inform decisions & focusing on those tools that enhance the customer experience & provide visibility throughout the global supply chain. Every interaction we have with our customers is guided by expert logistics teams focused on providing excellence in personalized service.

In 2021, company founder Diana Bomar was honored by Forbes on their inaugural “50 Over 50” list recognizing women over 50 who have made significant economic or social impacts in their field of expertise. Diana was chosen from an entry list of more than 10,000 women; a testament to her business leadership, professional success, & dedication to mentorship; & a resounding affirmation of the company she founded.

Platinum Cargo Logistics now looks toward the future as we seek innovative ways to transform the customer experience in transportation & logistics. Our goal is to always deliver intelligent solutions & powerful results with shipping solutions tailor-made to meet your business needs.

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