Executive Leadership

The Platinum Cargo Logistics leadership team is committed to advancing stewardship and innovation in cargo and logistics that only a global freight-forwarding organization can provide.

Diana Bomar


As the Founder and CEO, Diana is often described as the face of Platinum Cargo Logistics because of her vision, resounding Drive for Excellence, and producing winning attitudes, loyalty, and direction for the company. She builds dynamic people teams and has a passion for providing service excellence for Platinum Cargo’s clients, stations, and teams. Diana directs the company’s growth, business development, and station recruiting and expansion efforts at the executive level. She is focused on customer retention with high touch, high service standards, and the development of sound marketing strategies.

Diana provides leadership, vision, and strategic planning to promote market share and profitability through the Executive and Corporate Teams, our Licensee Owners, and Customers.

Forbes 50 over 50 Award 2021

Elliot Trepper


As Chairman of the Board and the CFO, Elliot oversees the financial operations, goals and budget allocation, and profitability of the company. He provides strategic direction to the Board and Executive Teams as an advisor related to strategic key financial metrics, acquisitions, risk management, contractual matters, including Licensee agreements, incentive compensation, and special projects.

Nelson Bettencourt


Nelson’s role as the President is to oversee the development of the organization, strategic planning and growth, and implementation of corporate, executive, and leadership development programs. He is responsible for leading local office start-ups and managing organization integrations and mergers.

As a recognized leader in our industry for over 40 years, with a stellar career in transportation and logistics, Nelson has brought his passion, leadership, and guidance to enable Platinum Cargo Logistics to achieve long-term and continued success, sustainability, and growth. Nelson also sits on the Board of Directors.

Mike Ebhardt


As our Senior Vice President, Operations, Mike is responsible for risk management, driving operational excellence with domestic carrier and vendor relationships and negotiations. He is responsible for leading office start-ups, trainings, and integration within our network.

Along with his strive for excellence and continual training, he provides the necessary tools and technology to each of our stations, resulting in increased service performance throughout the company. Mike oversees TSA compliance, carrier negotiations, claims, cargo insurance, and adherence to operations policies.

Katie Flanigan


Katie is our Vice President, International Operations and Customs Brokerage. She is dedicated to ensuring everyone throughout Platinum Cargo Logistics locations and global network, partners, vendors, and customers comply with the rules, regulations, and statutory requirements set forth in the United States Code of Federal Regulations, International Trade Regulation, as well as the regulations of all countries in which we transact business.

Katie is responsible for assisting and training our stations with quoting and negotiation of service contracts with international carriers. With her attention to detail and quality control, she ensures that pricing and bids are done in a complete, accurate, and timely manner to secure and retain customers as well as provide the highest level of communication and service system-wide.

Jeremy Karlovits


Jeremy is responsible for developing strategies and the implementation of integrated logistics programs to attain sustainable growth. He is also the President of Platinum Logistics, our truck brokerage entity.

With over 25 years in the industry, Jeremy’s qualities and experience have proven he is a force that will provide solutions and operational efficiencies to better scale for growth.

Cade Olbricht


As the Director of Finance and Administration, Cade is responsible for all accounting and financial operations, including procuring and maintaining relationships with financial institutions and internal financial administration. Cade’s knowledge and comprehensive financial reporting and analysis drive Platinum Cargo Logistics’ long term growth and profit. Cade also handles all the human resources and payroll responsibilities for our corporate service team.

Brittney Miller


Brittney, our Accounting Manager, provides oversight of our Accounts Receivable and Payable teams to endure day-to-day accounting operations are running efficiently and smoothly. She interfaces with our banks and audits to maintain superior relationships with vendors and oversea partners. Brittney is also responsible for supporting vendor procurement, purchasing, measurement of services, evaluation of business processes and procedures, and policy implementation. Additionally, she interfaces with our stations to provide support.

Kelly Thieman


Since joining the company in 2007, Kelly has been an integral leader of the Denver Operations team, driving the team for continuous improvement in the overall customer experience. She develops and nurtures the relationships of current accounts and maintains a thorough understanding of our client’s needs as well as industry challenges and trends.

Led by Kelly, the Client Services Center team’s mission is to define, measure, and drive performance management within the organization, support onboarding initiatives & training for new stations, and provide targeted support of more complex verticals as we develop corporate sales initiatives. The Client Services Center will be tasked with improving overall client satisfaction and raising service standards and expectations across the entire organization. The team will establish the best strategy for continuously improving processes and performance by engaging with our customers and internal network of stations, ensuring Platinum Cargo Logistics continues to offer the highest standards of service and customer experience at all stages of the supply chain.

Board of Directors

Diana Bomar

Nelson Bettencourt

Elliot Trepper

Phil Hoppman

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